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Complete Food

October 19th, 2009 No comments

Complete Food
Is brown rice a complete food? Can one live on brown rice and water and survive in reasonably good health?

If I am not mistaken, poor Asian people have survived on rice with very little else. Or is this an urban myth? Thanks all for your serious input.
Ok, don’t worry! I am not going on a rice diet. Asians eat (or used to eat) primarily rice and veg.,fruit and some protien (fish or chicken). How important is rice in the diet of those people? Thanks all.

Brown rice is not a complete food, it lacks sufficient quantities of an amino acid to make a complete protein. But it just so happens that soy and beans (navy beans, peanuts, lentils, mung beans, etc) are high in the amino acid that rice is missing. By combining rice or any grain with soy and/or beans, you get a complete protein equal to that of meat.

This is called “complementary protein”, many vegetarian sites have information about it.

Brown rice and water isn’t a diet you could live on. Brown rice, soy or lentils, and water is, though you’d need fruits and vegetables to get your vitamins.

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