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Points Clicker

September 3rd, 2007 No comments

Points Clicker

Fido Clicker Train a Down

The down command is very important and can save the life of your dog if properly trained. If for some reason you think your dog out of place in a park and sees a cat across the road, will be very happy that I trained the hair of the commands. To make repeated many times before he will be so conditioned to a halt and go into a down position, when she really means persecution kitten.

For your dog down is a very passive thing, almost a negative thing. Usually they want action. So you should be careful when working in the bottom so it does not become boring for the dog. The rewards that you use, your praise and treats should be abundant.

In competition as long as Fido is on the left heel position and should be able to make a down position to sitting or standing and moving. To start the training down, Fido does not really matter where it is in relation to same, because at this moment is only focused on the very bottom.

This is how you will teach your puppy to bottom:

That sits on your left or in front of you. Take a treat in your hand and a clicker in the other. With the lure deal him in the down position. You do it by holding your hand with the treatment against his nose and waving his hand toward the floor. Normally you only need a second. In the time it is in the down position, and click on the invitation. Repeat several times. At this point you do not say a word, you do not give the order "to down ". After 20 repetitions can begin to give commands as to lure their position. The movement of the hand must be very quick to encourage your dog to make rapid descents.

Now, after another 20 reps or more, you can test your dog, making the movement of the hand, but not treated. Only give the order to move the hand. At the time Fido goes on the bottom, click and give a bonus treat. Make a big mess and I repeat again a few more times. Do not try to go too fast, but rather to establish a solid foundation. If at any time to try Fido and he does not respond quickly, a few steps back.

Until Now, obviously, have tended to attract a dog in the down position. Your back is aching and are running out of painkillers. You do not want to bend every Once you give the command below. Moreover Fido's not going to respond in the command first and if suddenly you do not bend down. So you need, or rather Fido needs a period transition where they still crouch, but not as far. Once again, putting together a huge scandal and give lots of yummy treats if you answer correctly.

Always put your dog for success and remember to keep training sessions short. Do not try this in one sitting. It should be done on many sessions so the command until almost graft in the mind of your dog. Only then was he immediately responded when given the command even when he is actually chasing a cat.

About the Author

MS du Toit has been training dogs for ten years. Please visit her Dog Training Site at

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