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Circuit Training

December 21st, 2008 No comments

Circuit Training
what do you know about circuit training?

I’ve been hearing bout circuit training about the benefits it does. Since i weight around 210lbs and 5″11, my main goal is to lose fat but toned up my muscle. Will circuit training be ideal for me or should i just stick w/ traditional weight lifting? Somebody help me out.

Circuit training is fairly simple. Basically head to the gym, warm up with some extremely light weights or a brief walk on the treadmill.

Then, do 1 set with light – to moderate weight on a variety of machines, with little or no rest in between sets. It’s up to you on how many reps you want to do, but the general recommendation is about 10 – 12.

After you finish 1 set with one machine, jump to another that works a different muscle group (thus you are doing a small cardio workout as well as weights). That new muscle group is now working while the previous one is resting.

After you finish with any number of the machines you decide to do, you repeat. You may want to dedicate a day, to say all pushing exercises and the next day do all pulling exercises. Feel free to mix it up.

But the key to circuit training is little or no rest and constantly changing exercises (feel free to use free weights / Smith machines as well).

The theory behind this is that by constantly working out, you’ll burn more calories, develop fitness / endurance, and save time since you can get a full-body workout sooner.

Good luck.

Circuit Training

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