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June 4th, 2009 No comments

Caps Weight
Ice is filled with air. So how can it be that the water level is rising when the pole caps melt?

You would think that if the pole caps melt, the water level would drop or at least stay the same, for ice is filled with air. The weight of the pole caps in the condition it is now, keeps the water level as it is now. When the ice melts, air wil escape, water flows into the ocean. It shouldn’t make any difference for the water level, then…

who told you ice was filled with air, its not you see. ice is simply lighter than water, if you wereto melt an icecube in a glass of water the watrelevels wouldnt change.

however, non-floating ice, like on antartica and greenland, is also melting, this drips off into the oceans, and does cause the oceans to rise.

also the rise in temperature causes water to expand slightly, on bodies of water as large as th ocean, a small temperaturechange would represent an enourmous amount of liters in extra volume.

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