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Cambridge Diet

September 20th, 2007 No comments

Cambridge Diet

Will the Cambridge Diet Help Me Lose Weight?

The Cambridge Weight Concept
This product was designed and developed by Alan Howard PhD and his other colleagues from Cambridge University in 1970. The initial concept was to create an aid for weight loss through the process of having a well balanced diet and low caloric-contents.

After this concept there were others of this kind that started to emerge from the market shelves and continues to progress. With this review we would evaluate the 2006 version of this product and determine whether it would set a difference among its other versions in terms of efficacy and risk-free factors.

The Power Contents
The idea presented in this product makes use of fasting in yielding weight loss. There are meal replacements that were derived from powdered form soluble. For each serving Cambridge aims to supply 33% of the average vitamin, minerals, elements, and electrolytes contents, estimate 10 to 11 grams of proteins, 15 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of fat. Diet bars are also offered as a substitute meal and both product forms would require dieters to have water intake in the amount of 8 glasses per day. We believe that this product is not as innovative as it seems for this kind of formulation already exist in the market.

On the positive side of this product, consuming it in accordance with its directions would limit dieters to a consumption of 330 caloric counts per day. But we highly doubt if individuals would be able to sustain on this kind of diet for it utilizes the factor of starvation to aid in weight loss. We believe that having a balanced diet of natural vitamin and mineral contents along with a fitness regimen would be more beneficial than having to put up with a synthetic kind of meal.

On the other hand, even though this product may eventually result in weight loss, it may deem to add up again afterwards if consumers decide to head back towards the natural food.

We may very well commend Cambrige on providing a doctor-managed component for dieters under some stages such as those that are pregnant, nursing, diuretics and those who are under medications. They have also prescribed consideration for individuals who are curing their hypoglycemia, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes, gout, and persistent infections.

Suggested Cambridge Routine
This product does not endorse anything innovative from what other products have already been offering at present. The deprivation of real food for meal replacements may deem weight loss but may be burdensome for consumers with a possibility of gaining the lost weight after ceasing this product from the diet. This is one reason that these kinds of products fail to impress us.

We still believe in the traditional way of losing weight which includes a balanced meal of fruits, vegetables and other nourishing food along with a fitness exercise to boost.

Even though there are some factors that refrains us from having a good impression of this product we took high regards of the delicious flavors that were provided for this product.

The Pro’s and Con’s
The Pro’s: There are customer assistance hotlines that are being offered as well as message boards which may deem helpful for consumers. And dieters may be delighted with the tasteful flavors of this product.
The Con’s: There are many consumers who have been voicing out some of their concerns over the consumer blogs and forums which are negative in nature. You may check it out at this Cambridge Diet blog for more details.

How Do We Rate Cambridge
Cambridge is ideal for dieters who can undergo starvation for the sake of losing weight in the fastest way possible. But in our opinion, dieter may not be able to sustain such low caloric intake moreover bother themselves with an unmanageable weight loss plan.

The price for this product ranges from $135.90 for the Cambridge Diet Food for Life mix up to $157.90 depending on what version one would want. This product may deem interesting and appealing for those who are already on the verge of losing hope for their weight loss issues.

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Cambridge Diet
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