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Dieters Drink

June 7th, 2008 No comments

Dieters Drink
I'm drinking this tea ('dieters drink) herbal dietary supplement?

The ingredients are Folio sennae, Fructus Immaturus urantil, Semen Prepare Coicis, semen Cassiae, Lonicerae Flos and Wu long tea leaf. Are they safe and help me to reduce weight. Please advice. These are the ingredients I mentioned harmful in any event

I know that tea, but I do not use it often stimulates bowel movements, and if you do not drink enough water, can become dehydrated and if you use it for a sustained period can DAMGAN their intestinal flora. To effectively lose weight, counting calories and do some physical activity as walking or swimming, etc. Green tea is safe and can be drunk with ice, it makes for a healthy drink that can help in burning fat. I have included a site I found for To read more about the drink. Http: / / / weight / dieters_brews.htm good luck;)

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