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Pills Ephedra

March 12th, 2010 No comments

Pills Ephedra
Does anyone know if there is a way to buy diet pills containing ephedra?

I know you do not want to hear my answer, but I'm just he says. Do not bother with it. You do not need. You will become dependent on it. 2 weeks and 2 weeks off, just see how it feels on the first day outside of them. You do not want to get out of bed. Just drink more coffee or get some more caffiene. Caffiene is not really dangerous and coffee is a antioxodent. You do not know me so no you do not have to believe me, btu I took hydroxey court, Ripped Fuel, and ephedrene (xyenodrene) (Sorry spelling is terrible). I at trial for long periods and I started getting heart palpatations. I took them as recommended as well. Maybe I can not happen to you, but do not need pills. Eat healthy and exercise. that's the only answer. if you just need a little boost, drink a little caffeine. Ephedra is illegal for a reason, they took no everyoine, and had negative side effects overdose.

Most Ephedra Diet Pills Do Not Contain Ephedrine. How Can You Tell?

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