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Brazilian Diet

October 19th, 2009 No comments

Brazilian Diet
What is the best type of diet to follow for Jiu-Jitsu?? (Do not say the Gracie diet please)?

I currently train Brazilian jiujitsu as possible and make a lot of my other workouts on the side. But I'm still trying to figure out what kind of diet should I follow. I understand the basics, eat heathly as possible, and clean. Please do not say anything about the gracie diet because I can not keep up with that guy. Please provide me with their knowledge, especially the boys jiu-jitsu hardcore …….

Diet is a matter of personal preference as there are diets for muscle development, toning, weight loss, etc. If you want some information fresh in the diet and exercise you may want to see the links for the CrossFit Web site: I have been doing their training for the last year or so and has enjoyed over my regular training and jiu-jitsu Sikala Kodek The diet that I am currently using is 5 meals a day and quite simple: Breakfast (6am) is starch, carbohydrates and Protien (PBJ and banana sandwich) Brunch (9am) is a fruit smoothie with vitamin B Lunch (12-1) is a large salad, Protien (fish or chicken or beans) and carbonated soft drinks (coke) Tea (3-4) (yes I said tea) usually occurs not as a salty trailmix:, Almonds, chia seeds pine nuts raisins and dried apples. Dinner (6-7) is my biggest meal, and ranges from soup and salad for burritos – chips and salsa or a good steak (any Protien or meat) with rice or potatoes. I'm not vegetarian, but eat that way much of the time, only because of the simplicity. The other diet that I liked was the diet "real" eat only foods that you can still recognize as to what had been originally. For example, a steak and baked potatoes instead of burgers and fries. It is possible want to see the pyramids of food located at: and type of use as a basis to build off of.

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