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Fat Analyzer

June 13th, 2008 No comments

Fat Analyzer
What is more accurate, digital scales or the scales in the medical line? 5 pounds is different?

I weighed myself on the Message Board and the digital body fat monitor and scales Both read the same on a flat floor, the doctors about 10 minutes later told me they had 4 pounds …. should I believe?

They always look different each time you use any scale .. I'm weighing in my two at home in addition to my doctors, and everyone is different, so I'm doing a column in my book for all three until you see the story more clearly. My husband was in charge of getting the scales calibrated in Maryland, required by law, to work on the railroad there was in all the east coast, and calibrated small things all the way to giant things. I went with him once at the annual meeting and learned that everyone needs a constant pinch, large and small. Digital is probably the best, because who knows how often you receive your scale calibrated doc. I have noticed that cheap line scales in the local market always seem to register 6 pounds under the doctor, go figure.

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