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Body Composition

January 14th, 2008 No comments

Body Composition

With this new program, are marines going to have their body fat tested no matter what?

You’ll only get taped if you’re over your max weight. if you get taped males have to be 18% or lower regardless of your PFT the 2 are no longer related…..if you are found to be out of standards then you will be put on a 60 notification period and then after that a 60 warning period….after that you will be put in a BCP program…..Body Composition Program……lots of remedial PT. The time those periods start is NOT when your found to be out of standards…….the two 60 periods starts whenever your battalion commander decides to start implementation of the program……for example……my battalion CO started the 2 periods already and they end on FEB 1st if anyone in our battalion is found to be over weight after that period then they will be put on PCB not given 2 periods of 60 days

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