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Balsam Pear

June 16th, 2007 No comments

Balsam Pear
do you think this would be a good christmas present? (diabetics?plz answer)?

my uncle has type 2 diabetes. balsam pear tea is supposed to help control blood sugar levels in that type. i was thinking of getting him some for christmas but i don’t know if he even likes tea. but it could help him.

so what should i do? should i get him some to put on the side with my parents present? or should i just forget about it and get him some other small gift? non edible because i obviously would not want to give him sugary xmas stuff.

My husband is also type 2 diabetes. I would try it as a gift you never know he just might like it and to know that you care about him like that is very thoughtful. And if you want to make the gift a little nice try to find a cup that he would like. If he has a team that he loves or even one that looks funny or has a funny saying on it that he could use all year round that would be a nice gift set all together.

Hope this helps you.

Balsam Pear: Bitter Gourd

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