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Beach Body

November 10th, 2009 No comments

Beach Body
How to get a perfect body before summer?

Id like to have my body toned and shapely for the summer months. Currently over im 18 old, 5'10 and 130 pounds. I would be 120, and the tone of my thighs and lose my belly roll. How could I do this? What should I eat and what exercises should I do?

.. Okay so ur 5'10 and over 18 and 130 pounds. If you ask me, that's very very thin. I have serious doubts about ur belly roll is a big problem. I got no muscle or under the skin to find ur toned. you shouldent worry about losing weight. you should worry bout muscle gaing (Which means it will increase ur weight). Once you have muscle, ur skin will look tighter and toned. And when you do abdominal ur ur belly roll must resort muscles. Id explain wat u eat and no exercise of u to do, but all the information through the Internet, soo it would be a waste of time.

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