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Away Pounds

March 14th, 2010 No comments

Away Pounds
Why is Gordon Brown, very happy to give millions of pounds away a. ..?

all these immigrants and terrorists entering the country, but give nothing to the British men of war service for the celebration of heroism?

At 1st, I thought that if the banking system collapses, then the whole country will fall. Then I realized that Brown has left literally months in power, and when the last Labour TIR left office in '79, leaving a huge mess for the next Govt has to deal with. Clown Brown – in my opinion, improve the use of "scorched earth policy," as the Russians did to Hitler's invading armies as they approached Stalingrad in World War 2 in the vain hope that conservatives will not be able to recover from the mess to be, Cyclops Brown is using those same tactics.

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