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Alli Diet

December 3rd, 2008 No comments

Alli Diet
"My diet pill Alli really work?

Ive seen a lot of articles on this pill to be a great success, but really work? Have you tried? What he has done for you? Is it worth trying? or should I just stick to the old diet and excersize?

It necessary to follow a low fat diet and regular exercise, while Alli. I tried it for my wedding and helped him. Low weight a bit more than they would only if diet and exercise. And that extra help really keeps you motivated. But you can not just take the pill without reducing their fat intake (less than 10 grams of fat per meal). Trust me, I went to eat for my birthday and had a very fatty meal and gave me a lot of gas and (this is gross) with orange oil my # 2. So if you can diet, exercise, and pay for the pills, go! Buy a scale that will track your weight loss for you and only weigh yourself once a week when you wake up after using the bathroom. Good luck!

Alli diet pills side effects

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