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Algae Super

August 23rd, 2008 No comments

Algae Super
Anyone know a cheaper compared to MAC Studio Moisture Cream?

A super-rich moisturizer enhanced with skin nourishing extracts including fruit of passion, spinach leaf tea, green algae, wheat germ and coconut. Moisten, feeds, businesses and protects the skin. It promotes a healthy glow. Decreases the appearance of fine lines. Good for day and night.

When choosing a moisturizer, the perfect fit three criteria: It smells better, feels better and continues without feeling greasy on the skin. A quality moisturizer should not irritate or burn skin. Here I run the best moisturizers on the market from cheap steep and for every skin type: dry, oily, combination and more. This list includes annual peak magazine staff 'InStyle' proved more peaks and selected by experts in beauty. This is not a random list – every moisturizer that has happened here with high notes with the exacting standards of the best makeup artists, beauty editors and dermatologists in the business. Key: $ = up to $ 10, $ $ up = $ 20, $ $ $ = up to $ 30; $$$$= to $ 40 & More is better. creams Moisturizers for dry skin, from cheap to steep (Ingredients to find: glycerin, dimethicone and hyaluronic acid) * Eucerin lotion moisture extra protection SPF 30 With this product, you get not only a great moisturizer, but you get the SPF protection as well. Do not use moisturizer before bed however, you want to stick with one that does not include sunscreen, and do not want to add ingredients that your skin is not necessary during the night. * $ Paloma sensitive Essentials This Moisturizing Day Lotion is a great basic. $ * Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer I've used this moisturizer for years. It is thick like a milkshake, but is absorbed quickly and leaves my face feeling sticky. $ $ * Lancome Absolue Night treatment This powerful moisturizer contains glycerin – a great moisturizer. Yam extract wild seaweed and restore moisture of soybeans. $ $ $ * Sonya Dakar Hydrasoft Lotion Moisturizer This lightweight ultra-exclusive line that is popular Dakar celebrities absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it soft for babies without the greasiness many oil-based products to come out with it. Key ingredients include incense extract and E. Vitamin $$$$. * Creme de la Mer moisturizing there's really nothing better than this. However, be prepared to give up his salary. $$$$$$

EPISODE01- Maca Root Blue-Green-Algae Super Raw Tonic

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