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Chaser Liquid

January 23rd, 2009 No comments

Chaser Liquid
Beer and its BITTERness.. yuckk!?

So im 18 and now off to college and just tried my first true can of beer. Ive had all kinds of wines and spirits before hand but never actually had a can of beer.

I had bud light lime and expected the lime to give it some taste and sweeten it a little bit. NO, it tasted like liquid bread and sparkling water, burnt worse than grey goose, and by the time i took a half-can chug, my eyes were watering upon the last drop.

Now i know billions of people drink beer and cant get enough of the stuff. How come it seems out of all people I MYSELF find beer to be rather disgusting. Even with a chaser, which is a major pussy move in itself

It sounds like you are a “super taster.” It turns out that the taste which varies most among people is the taste for bitter. About 25-30% of people have this apparently genetic hyper-response to bitter tastes like mustard, chili peppers, hops in beer, coffee, cabbage-family vegetables and such. I haven’t tried Bud Light Lime, but it is possible that the lime flavoring they use is a bitter oil from the peel, so you may do better with regular light beer.

Super-tasters get around some of these issues by adding more sugar to some foods.

I did a survey of my friends once on wines and found that people who didn’t like red wine were put off by the astringency; people who didn’t like white wine were put off by the acidity; and a few people disliked the flavor of alcohol itself, which most drinkers learn to zero out.

If you don’t mind spirits, the alcohol isn’t the problem, so you might experiment with maltier beers (bocks, porters, stouts) that have a little more sweetness. You probably won’t like micro-brews like Samuel Adams or India Pale Ales that emphasize the bitter hops flavors.

You may also decide that your identity as a college student doesn’t have to depend on liking beer.

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