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Drink Mix

November 19th, 2009 No comments

Drink Mix
What is a good supplement (pill or mixed drink) to take before working out pulse of energy?

I'm looking for something that will not get my heart beating super fast and also something without ephedra or similar herbs in this regard. I took hydroxy cut but makes me very nervous. It was almost the feeling of my mind as a feeling that is racing. I'm looking for something more natural. I actually prefer a drink that can be mixed in the blender, but if you know of a good pill safe in the heart that works so well. Thanks!

I know of an energy drink would probably like a lot. Is Available in a bag and mixed with water or other beverage. Also available in 12 oz cans. I really like is healthy for you, and gives me energy that lasts all day. It has all natural ingredients. No fail. Most energy drinks have high amounts of sugar jittering. Obviously you are concerned about your health. The only drink in my opinion, is low in calories, sugar and caffeine is not ideal for sports and exercise. I found it in / Energy

I Love Blow – Energy Drink Mix

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