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The values of the water bath water increases in certain products still immature

Recently, the price Zhangshengyipian encouraged consumers, industry and so much attention. It is reported that Beijing intends rose 0.9 yuan per ton price of water for the residents of a large amount of water will have a huge impact, how to save water, energy conservation has become a hot topic today.

National water, the bathroom is the first in the water, "big" sanitary items, sanitary items and household appliances such as water washing machine can not be ignored. It is understood that the accounts toilet water consumption by 60% Water for domestic use and 70%, especially the toilet tank is too large is a major causal factor of excessive water consumption.

Recently, the state has clearly established nine liters and 9 liters of toilets, water saving toilet, water can only go to 6 liters, more than 6 amounted to savings products of water, a total ban on listing. Reporters stores in major construction materials that almost all water companies have played "water" slogan, 6 l, 3 / 6 liters, 4.8 liters, 4.5 upgrades are impressive, in addition to saving toilets, water tap, the expense of flowers increased significantly the number of brands, sales staff, told reporters that when consumers buy some sanitary items are also very concerned about the performance water saving.

A variety of flowers, the water-saving products are in bloom, but consumers are buying hard feelings "The general is to look at the mark, and then hear the personal shopping guide, no knowledge, do not know," Ms. Zhang said journalists who visited the shop.

On a home network appliances has begun water saving toilets, bathroom shopping survey, 76.3% said they do not understand the inspection water-saving sanitary, bathroom, little is known about its principle of water-saving appliances in the purchase of water saving toilets, bath time, only 36.5% of consumers said they would consider water-saving targets, while 60.3% of consumers are buying based on brand ceramic sanitary bathroom.

Not hard to see, despite the current health earthenware water-saving sanitary ware have become current main, but consumer behavior is not completely water-saving as a guide, but more value for money and appearance. According to industry sources, with price increases water, water saving products undoubtedly mark the beginning of a market peak, but the current water market, water saving products, saving performance water has been mixed, easy issue for consumers.

Some products immature water saving

Journalists in building materials market, we understand that 3 / 6 liters double bond double red commodities for the purchase of everyday consumer goods, 3 / 6 liters flushing sanitary manner Stroke mostly style is also part of consumers to try to 4.8 liters, 4.5 liters of water super sanitary items, medical items use more of these, or siphon siphon jet washing, washing more intense, red firepower addition, the noise is relatively small, but prices on some staple goods slightly higher rate.

Besides saving sanitary ware water, a series of taps also increase resistance and by using methods like foam device to reduce the flow of real tap water, the water flow without compromising the feel, to achieve purposes of saving water. The past, the most common use in public places for induction faucets have begun to dominate the market. Unfortunately, because at various levels of water saving products, water products directly leads to very different performance.

As the production technology, as well as differences in the design of water saving, water saving product that is not pure, although some companies that their products are water-saving sanitary ware in particular, the use still requires repeated washing, the actual water consumption large. A ceramic Ma Xiaogang, director of marketing, told reporters, water savings really need enamel ceramic sanitary ware, red capability and control of water consumption in many aspects of design and development.

Ma Xiaogang, said, some technical, financial and not enough business in water-saving products of inputs and technical research difficulties, lead to the production of sanitary Bugou glass smooth, easy to hang easy to dirty, to produce visible mold, Er Ye Hui causes a lack of internal capacity Shejibudang sanitary washing, drastically reducing the rate once the rinse must be repeated washing, and about 6 liters or 3.6 liters health regulations seem to fit national requirements for water saving, but "part of the low consumption of 6 liters of rinsing with the need to wash again, this would require 12 liters of water or more water than existing products but not waste. "

In addition, the reporter also noted that some stores in some thousand dollars below the ceramic is also known as "the performance of good water saving, a brand of sanitary ware and general manager, said that the side spring, the current health earthenware water saving in the factory there is mandatory testing water prices can not be the sole judge of water health standard performance, " but only some of the most exaggerated of the 2.3 l of water production reliable, hard to achieve these health requirements redness of 12.5 meters, easily lead to obstruction of the problem. "

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