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Super Diet
What kind of diet is best for maintaining a healthy body super?

what to avoid? what is achieved, as well as fruits and vegetables? as good mixes? I remember when I say diet, I do not mean to lose weight, but to maintain a healthy body … Oh, and if you have fair, proven links to web publishing please!

Well, I think a natural diet would be best. Just eat all organic foods, which are free of chemicals and preservatives man made and added to food. Some of which can affect hormones etc. bodies. Try to avoid many sweets, but, of course, allow something nice yourself from time to time. Fish is a food that provides very good oils that are good for the skin, hair and brain: D The red meat in moderation is good, but remember the human body is not designed to digest large quantities to try to stick to eating only once or twice a week maximum. Try to stick to white meat poultrey fish like the most part. Try to avoid a lot of milk because the human body is not designed to digest that either, but not completely out of bounds, as strange as it may sound natural fat is safer than less sugar is added to it. Stick to natural drinks such as water, tea and fresh fruit and vegetable juices, no preservatives all these will help cleanse your body and keep toxin levels down and are full of nutrients. Snack on things like nuts (unsalted and unroasted, variety) and baby vegetables, avoid nuts, but because they may have added to them. plain yogurt (if you like) is very good in a fruit salad. No peeling vegetables because their skin is a great source of fiber that helps maintain a healthy bowel. So, light snack or graze on between meals vegtables if it reaches hungry keep your metabolism increased during the day and grazing is not tempting things. Try to avoid starchy foods like potatoes, pasta, rice if you eat much meat because the two do not mix well with eachother in a way that can be a recipe for a heartattack. However, a little brown rice pasta is not a ect crime just eat in moderation also a great source of fiber.


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