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Steviva Stevia

Do you think it is wrong for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeks to prevent the use of Stevia?

Stevia is an herb zero calories healthy that can be refined into a sugar or alternative sweetener, is sweeter than sugar several times, contains vitamins and minerals and is a naturally sweet herb, but Somehow the FDA wants to avoid its use. This product must be in the public domain and on the shelves advertised as a sweet alternative to sugar and marketed as a sweetener. Read the details here and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia www.stevia.net and buy some to try on eBay (just search for steviva). Once read about it, do not you wonder why a big thing that is being hidden? I am, what do you think about it? I should be mentioned that Stevia is not illegal for use as a suppliment. It is perfectly safe, but the FDA is corrupt!

Stevia is not illegal, but it is illegal to advertise as a sweetener. They have been using in Japan since 1945 as a sweetener widely used as well if they create problems for the large sugar companies, because people definitely start to use it instead of sugar.

No Added Sugar Homemade Gourmet Ketchup Made With Stevia

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