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Green Tea Diet Liquid Soft-Gel?

I have heard that green tea can increase your metabolism, so I wonder if these diet pills work. I do not want the official name is blahh blahh who say they are bad bad bad bad and I'll put the weight back. But I exercise and do not even understand hah and eat the right things, and I think I need some help with pills or something. Should I try these, or do you recommend another pill that you know works? Thankssss.

I have used, mainly because they are cheaper than they can be purchased as a diet pill. I had no bad side effects, except do not take after 4 pm If you want to be able to sleep. They make Jazzed-up rate, and they do suppress the appetite a bit. Of course that will do nothing more than that – to my knowledge, no pill is going to "take off the fat, but if that's what you're looking for, try something else maybe. The green tea pills just make your appetite least for a while and make you feel a little more energetic. Good luck!

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