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Snack Defense

The reality of Defense – One reason to study martial arts based on reality and self-protection

Imagine, if you will …

A woman walking through a parking lot later in the dark night. The lot, apparently occupied only by the vehicles parked there and hunting occasional cat for a snack at night.

Then, as if from nowhere, you feel the hard, fleshy arm blow to the throat from the front. While your mind races to determine exactly what is happening, it becomes more and more aware that it is not in control – her world has just changed forever.

The woman feels her muscles contract and, although attempts to move, is aware that much of his own body does not respond to commands to your brain. As the adrenaline and other chemicals flood your bloodstream in natural response to danger, she is overcome by a multitude of feelings and sensations that are, quite literally, never experienced before.

As the initial shock response and wave of panic begins to subside, she is becoming aware of the sensation of her assailant's body behind her and the fact that his arm is coming over your right shoulder. You can now hear his hot breath, rough to the ear and perhaps the fact that he is saying something to her, although she is without really knowing what it is.

Since it took some self-defense classes, she remembers learning how to get out of this type of attack and reaches up to grab and pull your arm away from his neck. What she found, however, can not even begin to yield in the slightest.

"Wait a minute," think of a moment of clarity, "This is not right."

"This is not right!"

"He always worked in class. "" This guy holding me too tight! "" No one has this strong! "

It feels the next wave of panic start to grab her. Not because she is being attacked, but …

… Because he realizes that his defense does not work.

"Why?" "What is happening?"

"It's supposed to work!" "He said it would be replaced …."

When the darkness of unconsciousness of his advances, she is left with the feeling of a warm blanket to stop someone who goes to sleep a long while.


The above story, believe it or not, happens several times every day in our country and around the world. For added security, the details are different. Perhaps the victim …

… He is a man – not a woman …

… I never really trained with anyone and just have their own assumptions …

… He was attacked differently, but …

… The results are always the same.

Or, right?

About the Author

Do you want to be able to defend and survive a real street self defense attack? Do you want to know how to have just the right technique for the attack that’s happening, and be able to defend yourself successfully against a violent attacker who’s throwing anything he wants? Well, you can. How? By learning what it’s like inside of a real attack, and developing the skills necessary to handle a variety of self defense situations.

If you want to learn more than just the step-by-step punches, kicks, and techniques that most students limit themselves to, then you should read my newest self-defense book, “Fight Smarter – Not Harder!”

You can download it free at: http://www.warrior-concepts-online.com/street-fighting-self-defense-book.html

Jeffrey M. Miller is an internationally recognized self protection expert and the creator of the unique, EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training Program. Each month, he shares his 30+ years of real-world study, training, and experience to help literally thousands of students from all over the world, to be more safe and secure in Today’s often dangerous world. Jeff says, “If you really want to be able to protect yourself, then I can teach you the critical skills you’ll need to defend and survive an attack against any attacker – guaranteed!

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