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Slimming Weight

Slimming Weight
Which is better for weight loss and slimming thighs: Stationary bike or elliptical?

And why?

As I told you in an email earlier, slim toned muscles comes from working out that endurance layer of muscle…so no matter what, you’re hitting it hard for at least 45 minutes.

That said, do both. To do the same exercise over and over and still expect to see the same results is like reading the same chapter in a math book over and over and still expecting to learn something new. You need to challenge your muscles for them to strengthen (and therefore tone/slim).

As for what little miss “perfect” vegetarian said, impact exercises like running, when done properly (aka, proper form instead of sloppy strides) actually improve the strength of your joints and the density of your bones. I guess when you think you’re “perfect” you don’t bother to do much in the way of education yourself 😉

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