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Slimming Trimming

Slimming Trimming

Getting Slim and Trim!

The problem with diets is that they do not take into account different body types. Each person is different, with a different metabolism. So What you need is a customized solution for you. Decide what area of your body needs to work and make an educated decision. Are you aiming for a more sculpted body? Do you want to detox your system? Here are some options for natural weight loss that will put under the knife and are 100% painless and effective.

Regular exercise along with surgical procedures such as infrared energy, magnetic therapy, massage, vacuum pump, light and electricity and treatment of lymphatic drainage will help you lose weight and get a toned body.

Infra Red (IR) is the radiation energy electromagnetic heat gives out a body part. Radiation stimulates the body's surface and heats it through a conversion process. This helps in strengthening blood circulation, while providing nutrition to the tissues. Infrared rays are used to sculpt the treated area for the energy they consume what leads to fat burning and weight reduction. There Infra Red heating pads, blankets and body shaping lamps available in the market.

The Magnetic Therapy promotes the elimination of pain-inducing substances, causing a decrease in pain. The magnetic field also helps improve blood circulation, reducing muscle sity, spasms and inflammation.

Light therapy or phototherapy treats diseases of the skin through exposure to artificial light wavelengths. It is effective in the body weight loss, treatment of acne vulgaris, vitiligo, disorder Seasonal Affective (SAD), depression and neonatal jaundice. Each color of light produces a different effect. Red light stimulates and revitalizes the skin tissue, improves circulation blood, eliminates wrinkles and acne blemishes. The yellow light stimulates the nerves and revitalizes the skin and digestion. blue light that makes you feel fresh and renewed, reduces blood pressure and tightens the skin. And the green light has a positive effect on anxiety and depression while improving body function gland.

Lymphatic drainage therapy promotes a healthy lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is essentially a network of vessels and ducts that remove toxins from the body. This therapy ensures a free flow of the lymphatic system through the use of electrodes that send mild pulses to stimulate the lower body.

The Vacuum therapy uses a vacuum pump to apply suction gently treats cellulite deposits. Cellulite is usually the ugly lumps found in the stomach, thighs and buttocks. It is basically a collection of fatty deposits that are more embarrassing, especially when you're in a suit bathroom! This therapy also unlocks the lymph nodes, tones muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Lymphatic Vacuum Equipment available in the market.

Light and Electricity treatment is used to stimulate acupuncture points, improve blood circulation, activate the body parts with poor lymphatic circulation and eliminate toxins.

So now that you know your options weigh the benefits and chose the right solution for you! All the best!

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