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How I can solve problems related to sleep to diet pills?

I took pills Bio Synergy Fat Burner (tea Green, L-tyrosine and Citrus aurantium) for a month. After taking them for the first time I could not sleep. I think my body will adapt to them, but I spent entire month getting no sleep at night. And a week after starting the pills I started having heart palpatations at night. September ended last week tablets. I had no bother with my heart, but still I can not sleep. I'm exhausted during the day, but when I go to bed at night I suddenly awake. Me 'm getting a couple hours of sleep during the day but I do not want to get into the habit of sleeping during the day. My mom wants me to take sleeping pills, but really I do not want to start taking more pills. How I can solve this without having to start taking more pills?

First, it should be an important lesson from this experience and never take diet pills again. otherwise you're right. DO NOT take sleeping pills to sleep. This will only cause more difficult for you to sleep naturally for the rest of his life. Try it yourself instead of exhausting through exercise. make it a point to go running or walking or whatever every day and should help the body return to its natural rhythm of sleep. time will help to remove the effect of the pill as well and if you want a natural remedy chewing some valerian root (in pill form too.) This is a plant that is supposed to help induce sleep and is all natural because it will not hurt aid Sleep perscription way.

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