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Solo Slim ®

When purchasing any product from weight loss, it is important to do your research. Many people are exchanging views on People DietBlogTalk.com Slim

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It's something rare to find a diet supplement not dependent on caffeine and other stimulants for their ability to burn fat and increase metabolism. But these products do not exist.

Solo Slim ®, for example, advertised as an appetite suppressant that will lose weight much easier. The supplement contains other, conventional fat burners, but that makes them a decaf. This is a bold move in a market dominated by products with caffeine-addled. But in the case of Solo Slim ®, you can be the right decision.

Ingredients at a glance

Solo Slim ® contains Glucomannan, Lotus Leaf, Fucoxanthin, Citrus Aurantium, Hawthorne, L-carnitine and green tea decaffeinated.

Ingredients in Focus

Among them, the following are of note:

Citrus Aurantium is appreciated for its content of synephrine, which improves metabolism when used correctly. Unlike ephedra, synephrine should not increase heart rate and cause negative side effects on the cardiovascular and / or central nervous system. Citrus Aurantium should be used sparingly if it is to work safely, and should not be "stacked" with caffeine. That's why only Slim ® is refreshing with its content of decaffeinated green tea.

Green tea is often included as an ingredient in thermogenic supplements that will drive metabolism. But without the caffeine, green tea is rendered softer consumer body, which represents a definite advantage.

And finally, glucomannan, derived from konjac root fiber is a fecal volume. It can provide relief from constipation, as well as producing a feeling of satiety. As glucomannan Konjac is a soft gel with water in the digestive tract, may be able to lower blood cholesterol and the glycemic index as well.

Pregnant women or nursing should not take one Slim ®. Those taking medication and should consult a doctor.


• No caffeine.

• Modesto promise.


• Probably not the only or best source of these ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Solo ® Slim could be an attractive option for those interested in weight loss supplements. No caffeine, citrus aurantium content can work properly and increase metabolism. This product is lacking is a strong appetite suppressant to help control appetite and cravings. While fiber is beneficial, is not considered a strong appetite suppressant in the traditional sense. If you need to lose weight, eating a healthy balanced diet, exercise, and consider a supplement with ingredients to burn fat and suppress appetite.

About the Author

Shane Crafton is a diet editor, who’s team specializes in health, fitness and weight loss reporting.

Solo Slim

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