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Siegals Cookie

Siegals Cookie
Dr. Siegals Diet cookie?

I recently heard a lot about a certain diet of biscuits. I looked in Y! A and found answers saying 'not work' 'Worked for me! "And" did not work for me now please, someone who actually tried to please honest answer. how much weight you lost in how long? additional work outside? and that weight gain? Thank you. and if there is a different diet you've done, I would listen your answers to previous questions, but you tried to diet. Thank you.

I never tried it, but my father and the mother of my sister in law tried and had great results! the only problem is that it can be very nasty to eat the same thing all the time, and not very tasty cookies. Most people would achieve better results if they stuck to it, but unfortunately that is pretty hard.

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet on Channel 4 News

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