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Shou Shen
Would anyone translate 'Alex To – Jia Gei Wo' to English?

I have this on a website .. Anyone who speaks Mandarin after well enough to translate? THANKING YOU LOTS XXX Xiao Jing Jing Xing xing shan liang zai Jing Li Yan or cong ci tou ru opinion of Hu Feng Huan Yu Xin wo you yi yuan yi shou feng shang hao shuang yuan zi ji ban opinion Shen Ye Li Zhao bu dao or li zai you qu ai shi wo ai shi or shi ai ken ding ju neng OH ~ shei ye bu zu Dang Shou hu yong yuan opinion or ri chu ri luo hei ye bai zai shi shi ke ke Zhou Zhong Yong Qing Qing Huai chu chu zhe gan dong fen miao ke yi wo jiu yong Cheng Wang Zhao Zhe ni ni kan wo wo you ju or dui hua xiang shuo sheng jin shi gen zhe wo zuo jin xing fu or li jia you wo gei

Marry Me brightest stars shining in her eyes * It's taken my heart from Citing the wind and rain I'm willing, so willing to offer myself with both hands Climb the mountains to find what you would never love again I'm I love you is Love is a definitive statement Oh ~ no one can stop me to ensure you forever sunset till dawn, from night to day hugs at all times this sentiment clearly moving carved into eternity with the second minute that passes and I look at you look at me Something I want to say Be with me to this life all be the reason for his happiness, marry me (repeat first two paragraphs) * Transcript would be "entered my heart since" but I think it works better. * Shrugs * PS Next time, if you can, copy and paste real Chinese words since instead of Hanyu Pinyin as in your question.

SHE Tong Kuai (MV) with lyrics

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