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Will work without capsules Herbalife ShapeWorks formula (Herbalife shakes)?

HI … Im taking cellactivator and cell herbalife – loss of u, but I'm wasting my time and I'm not using your shakes or any other formula I know say that you have to take as well. I want my own diet way, but I also want a little help to speed up or help me with the cellulite that I have problems when the diet shifing i. An honest opinion without trying to sell its product would be much appreciated. Also curious out if I ate the diet, but wisely ShapeWorks wouldherbalife capsules and tablets help you lose weight? Thank you very much, Ann

If the pills still work, just be a slower weight loss than with shaking, the shaking to nutrition and make it easier for you to not have to think about food choices, I'm running a weight loss challenge now and have a girl who is doing his thing and uses some of the pills and shakes when she can not get the food (and at work) who has lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks, and looks very good, also I have a girl you just use the cells or tremendous loss and lost inches in size as 12-4 in six weeks, which was dramatic but hapens sometimes also heard the story of a girl using cell uloss total control and the loss of 100 pounds a year. to respond to your question will help SI

Herbalife Cell U Loss

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