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cheerleading competition only?

Okaii so I've been a competitive cheerleader for a while now. so I'm not new to this but I have some questions. respond to what you can 1.What do I have to do to raise levels? from level 2 onwards (I mean what I have to be able to) exp. Backhandsping round off to get to level 2 and so on 2. cheerleaders when I have evidence, what should I remember? exp. smile, it hit me hard movements, etc.. 3.my coach tends to make me a lot because I'm flyer flexible.but I get a little nervous when I'm up there occasionally. so how I do not shake or anything like that?

aa ive been competitive cheerleader for two years a starting back, so I know from experience, March. I've never been a traveler, but to be as stiff as a board of a do movements, their support for stunters you, if you do your part kk hoped this helped

First ride on my Thorn Exp in Richmond Park – 7th June 2008

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