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Shake French

Shake French
Hey can you please translate this into French?

Hello I was wondering how do you say these words assume a role of paper by hand. Remove any paper. Take construction paper and cover over the pipe Take paint and paint on the tube with any color you want Take all the stickers and they cover the tube with a Cover the holes with construction paper Fill the tube half way with rice or other cereal Cover hole with more construction paper. Shake the rain machine to do a favor translated into French Canadain sound and not resort to a translator please, or better I will not respond Thank you sooo much

roule papier prend without him papier mais tous bad Sauver poubelle dans le roule you prend du papier et prend cunstruction couvert you roule of peinture peinture avec le roule et n'importe quel couleur. autocollant them prend sur le mal et roule without couverte de les coté avec papier construction. you demi remplies roule au riz avec ou l'autre coté cereale couvre avec papier building you will roule pour secousses amüsant faire son. * The rate over me through a translator. I speak French, and if you are trying to teach someone. usually understand a thing he said

French Montana – Shake The Game – Black Friday Mixtape – 2009 HQ

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