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How to make a protein shake

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Proteins are the building blocks of any living being. Proteins are composed of essential and non essential amino acids, which are equally important in building muscles and cells in a body.

There are many people who go to regular work outs. It becomes very essential in this type of people to have an adequate amount of protein in your diet. gym regulars and people who regularly work in general tend to go for protein supplements like energy bars or protein shakes.

The main advantages to go for a protein shake is the quick recovery of the fatigue of working out to maintain muscle mass due to consumption of protein as serum protein that are low in fat and carbohydrates, but rich source of protein. It also helps in the quality of replacement therapy of food, in the sense that if you regularly take protein shakes in your meal, you can easily skip a meal time and that the protein shake provides you with enough and more calories necessary for a particular time of day.

There are different ways to make a protein shake, but listed below is the best and most easy to make a smoothie for balanced meal. The device must be switched off when the milk is poured into the bottle. The whey protein powder is added to milk and milk and protein should be mixed in the glass for about 15-20 seconds.

Once the milk and protein powder mix, the device must be activated and not any fruit of your choice to add. The addition of fruits can be bananas, raspberries, strawberries, etc. would give a good flavor and refreshing shake.

The ingredients then be mixed well in the jar medium speed or a higher speed so that all are well mixed and the fruits are completely folded with the milk. A tablespoon of virgin coconut oil can be used to flavor coconut shake. Coconut oil increases the metabolic rate and tends to help achieve weight loss at a faster pace. It also helps in reducing certain risks associated with cancer and other cardiovascular risks.

Oil Flaxseed can also be used in the earthquake due to the different functions of flaxseed in daily diet. Flax seeds are rich in omega three fatty acids and therefore play important role in reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and arthritis.

The shock is ready to drink with a wonderful flavor of your choice. The batter should be taken after 15-20 of your workout, as it is at this time that the body needs protein to a maximum extent.

Smoothies proteins usually be done with simple but strong flavors to mask the taste of the protein as such. Flavors can include fruit flavors such as bananas, raspberries, strawberries etc or flavors like chocolate, vanilla, honey, nuts and crunchy toasted almonds o.

The protein shakes can be prepared for various purposes. Can be used by some as weight gain or lose any weight. People ranging from protein shakes to gain weight tend to use 2% or whole milk protein powder extra mention in the recipe, as this will help to gain weight.

People who are dieting to lose weight tend to use skim milk in the recipe as helps in building lean muscle.

People allergic to dairy products can use soy milk. Soy milk is also an alternative for people who tend to go on a low carbohydrate and cholesterol free protein shakes.

Care should be taken that the fruits used and the milk used should be that new, since they may cause damage to your body. Natural or fruits used must also be rich in protein, since it would increase the energy get your milkshake. It is always best to go for natural flavors rather than using artificial or synthetic flavors since they may cause bodily harm at a later stage in life because of the synthetic chemicals used for flavoring.

Thus, by using all natural ingredients available in the fridge all the time, a large protein shake that would boost your body can do.

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