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Dead Sea Spa

Dead Sea resort is free of impurities such as dust, smoke and chemicals and is the best choice for rejuvenation of the skin. The Dead Sea spa offers a variety of products for different skin types. It is aimed at people of all ages.


1. Cleansing Milk Dead Sea Spa: Removes the skin from harmful substances such as dirt and filth. It has a base of minerals to nourish skin and relieve chronic problems from facial. People who use this product needed to apply it twice a day morning and evening time to see better results. It is not greasy and, as such, which hydrates and softens the skin naturally. Made in Israel, this product comes in an eight-ounce bottle.

2. Dead Sea Spa Pumice: Use the stone up with some drops of shower gel while showering. The pumice stone works wonders, and that rejuvenates worn, calloused skin. Users have to use this product to wash skin dry usually in the bottom of the feet. People have to use either pumice Sugar Scrub Pedicure Cream or gel Exfoliating Scrub your feet smooth and soft.


Restores minerals Level:

Since the Dead Sea is rich in minerals, people expect to give your skin a special need to address doing so in the Dead Sea resort. Scientists note minerals play an important role in the metabolism of the skin. As a person ages, the level of mineral the skin is depleted, because the body is capable of producing alone. Dead Sea Spa serves as a perfect substitute for the restoration of mineral levels of the skin. They provide essential minerals for the skin and strengthen the cell membranes of environmental hazards and dehydration.

Skin Provides Relief:

Dead Sea resort offers comfort to seekers of beauty and people with chronic skin disorders. Its multi-purpose products to relieve a person of problems in the skin such as psoriasis, acne, black spots and stains. Products in the Dead Sea resort contains natural ingredients and minerals that soften and nourish the skin from inside.

Addresses of all skin types:

Spa Dead Sea skin products of all types of addresses that rash, itching, dry or oily skin. Work deep into the skin to relieve a person of skin disorders. The Dead Sea spa products come in a variety of styles. Users of products from the sea Dead spa benefit from its use largely as they witness the visible difference in just a few days.
Dead Sea Salt Soap:

Salt Dead Sea soap is an ideal solution for dry skin and itching problems. Often, citizens face the serious problem with itching and difficulty find effective soaps and lotions to get rid of skin problems such. With Dead Sea salt soap, they do not have to worry about dry skin and itching.

Dead Sea salt soap is available in several stores in skincare on the market. They are mostly based on palm oil, olive oil, oil coconut, and of course the Dead Sea salt, together with a little skin-enriching minerals. By the way, Dead Sea salt soap has an incredible ability to hydrate the skin, instead of just drying. In addition, Dead Sea salt soap is so solid and condensed that relieves all skin problems.


People who have sensitive and dry skin can use Dead Sea salt soap in the bath or shower and no doubt will feel the effectiveness of this soap to witness a skin free from itching, dryness and stiffness.

This salt soap is very good for this kind of problem spots on the face and body, diaper rash, bumps, rashes, insect bites and eczema.

All soaps are salts of the Dead Sea trimmed part, by pouring, hand polished and hand full, without adding any fragrance to make them attractive. Soaps Dead Sea Salt highly not lather, and wash and rinse easily. This soap salt is not oily and greasy. Only heals and softens the skin of a person with beneficial minerals, natural oils and salt of course.

Dead Sea salt soap is very popular among many people around the world. Even many skin care specialists suggest that this soap for face, body and hair washing. Just like many other products by Dead Sea salt this soap is also rich in various minerals, especially zinc.

People with itching and dry skin problems or diseases of the skin needs to address these unique components Dead Sea salt soap to get rid of your skin problems. Usually, these soaps are free from animal fats or oils, but as an alternative to these, which components contain natural plant extracts that are safe for regular use.

Dead Sea Salt soap is a green consumer product and gently removes dead cells on the surface of the skin. When used properly and regularly, it restores the natural balance of the skin for a healthy-looking glow the skin fresh and free of dirt.

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