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Examples of the practice of the hardness of Liberty Safes

Liberty safes are only a mark of many large safes in the market for protect their weapons, valuables, collectibles, important documents, family heirlooms or whatever you may have to be protected from fire or theft. But one thing Liberty offers to make them stand part of the rest is its lifetime warranty. Liberty protects against fire or escaping in it. Some of the highlights of your warranty include:

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Free Safe Replacement
  • Free shipping (replacement)
  • Guarantee Transferable

There are some great stories about safe deposit boxes that have survived the fires and natural disasters Freedom. No one expects this sort of thing happen to them, but it happens and to go through most of hope are those who are prepared.

One tragic incident in recent history were fires 2007 in southern California. The winds blew with gusts up to 80 miles per hour and the fire reached temperatures of up to 2000? F. The fire was so bad that firefighters described him like a torch "horizontal." Many people, including Kim Crossler, before the mandatory evacuation. Kim and his wife put a lot of personal items in Freedom safety before fleeing the area. After the fire burned its way and were allowed to return, they found nothing left of his house except his charred insurance. Were contact on the opening of Liberty insurance. Once opened, they were happy to discover that all the contents inside the safe was intact, the only indication the fire and extreme heat was curling at the corners of some family photos. The Crosslers were much more fortunate than most people, who had survived elements the devastation, the items in your safe protected. Other people were safe, but not everything that is done through such extreme forest fires but the Liberty safes.

Not only are Liberty safes built to withstand extreme fire and attempted robbery, but Liberty Shane Woodson resisted an F4 tornado in Jackson, Tennessee, in February 2005. Tornadoes are rated on the Fujita scale F0 to F5, F5, with being the worst kind, the total destruction, tornado. Only about 1% of all tornadoes earn a score of F4. This magnitude of a tornado has winds ranging from 207 to 260 km / h and has a track damage ranging from 400-900 meters wide. This type of tornado is devastating, even well-constructed houses are leveled and the weak structures are blown away, cars thrown and large missiles generated. Liberty Insurance Shane was arrested and thrown 200 feet and was still connected to part of the ground when found. The safe was brutally beaten a little, but everything inside survived.

A key feature in all Liberty safes is that they have fully penetrated wells, both in body and part of a compound of doors. Experience has shown that this type of construction provides a strong, rigid door security and the body is key to maintaining a security safe during a fire, rupture or even a F4 tornado. As Shane Woodson said, "You do a hard for sure. "

Like fire, many people experienced a total loss and devastation, but at least one owner of Liberty security important elements were preserved to give a solid base to start again. All safes offer a degree of protection, but they have proven Liberty safes in real situations to withstand extreme conditions. And not only are your articles, but by the warranty, do not have to buy a new insurance! These are just some the stories of real people who were glad that had a great home protection insurance.

About the Author

MJ writes for ClickShops Inc., where you can find a great selection of Liberty Safes at www.gunsafes.com.

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