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Safe, cheap hotels on the beachfront in Virginia Beach?

Hey guys! I am looking to take a vacation with some of my friends Va Beach, Virginia. We are looking for a safe, inexpensive, which is near the beach. Do any local or frequent travelers in the area have any suggestions for me? I can get a triple A discount. Thanks!

Most all of them are good along the coast, but be willing to pay for them. I hope that is not thinking about coming this weekend (August 1-3). Rates are going through the roof because they are doing the rounds of Assateague pony up swimming to the island of Chincoteague Island yesterday (Tuesday) and make the pony auction today (Wednesday). (The pony swim is 2 hours from Virginia Beach, but people travel far to see it) You will not find a hotel room in Dover in Delaware, North Carolina. If you do, you will pay and will have at least a minimum of 2 nights

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