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Resveratrol Blueberry

Resveratrol Blueberry

Sources of resveratrol – the five most potent sources

The main sources of resveratrol


It is now well known that food is an important source for the now coveted resveratrol. This is important to reduce unnecessary disputes about sources known. Grapes is a particularly potent source has within its seed, pulp and skin is a high concentration of resveratrol. This has forced many to believe that wine Red also has significant amounts of resveratrol and grape is the main source of red wine. However, if it is true that the additional nutrients is somehow in the wine red, the amount is almost negligible and would have to drink large quantities of wine to start getting substantial Resveratrol intake. Red wine is not considered a major sources of resveratrol.

The cranberries and peanuts

Here resveratrol is extracted in small quantities and, in fact, not more than 1.30 milligrams. So it is somehow a sham as if resveratrol can not be extracted in large quantities found in peanuts and blueberries then the whole idea of their operation is defeated. And it also implies a search for a better source that has now been found to be complementary.


The skin of the delay has also been found to have a certain amount of resveratrol omen. But more research is needed to determine the actual amounts of the nutrient supplement and wonder if the quantities are sufficient.


As the amount of resveratrol derived from grapes, blueberries and peanuts, and even red wine are basically inadequate, the best way to really get the nutrient is considered resveratrol supplements. The intake supplements are natural ingredients that have more than 20 mg of 50% natural trans type, considered as the most active. Due to its antioxidant capacity, and as a potent source of resveratrol, is now considered simply as the best. Furthermore, it is the best anti-aging agent and therefore increasingly well-intentioned anti-aging experts recommend supplements for their use.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed is considered one of the original sources of resveratrol and therefore the most powerful sources of resveratrol. The Japanese use the fact of this plant to treat successfully a number of diseases and ailments.

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