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Replacement Shake

Replacement Shake
Anyone know of a filling meal replacement / protein shake for girls?

I am looking for a meal replacement shake that I can do FILLING at home with some sort of protein powder I've tried the store bought and simply are not filling enough to replace a meal "I'm not trying to lose or gain weight, I usually have an emtpy stomach around dinner time, but am not hungry (not much appetite but I feel my stomach churning so you know you should eat) – I guess since I'm pushing the food and not enjoying it anyway, it might be something healthy that is readily available I do not want down the beats that man will make you gain weight, as I said I'm not trying to change my weight than any suggestion, and what type of protein powder to use / where to get "I've never done this before Thanks!

ultra slim or Tony ferguson

Making a Meal Replacement Shake

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