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How I can recharge my lexmark printer cartridge black no 17?

I have an all in one printer, Lexmark, model no X1270.I like fill the mine, black and color Lexmark ink cartridges, ink than it should be used?. I searched all over the internet, and I can not find my ink cartridge pack replacement. could someone please help. thanks janice

PC World JETTEC kits make excellent padding. Three tips … 1. Do not wait until the cartridge is actually depleted before refilling. Lexmark cartridges have an integral print head – why they are expensive, but the printers are cheap. Running can burn very easily dry some jets. 2. It is necessary to make a hole in the top of a No.17 – The kit contains a drill and plugs – but pull the little plastic handle and use a suitable drill. 3. Do not overfill the cartridge – what's the point? – When it runs out, you can fill it again.

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