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Reduce Weight
Is it safe to use medicines to reduce weight?

Japanese really are there to reduce weight? I want a quick and effective way to reduce the 'm our body, now still breastfeed my baby, I'm 75kg my height 5'7 ". I've been trying high protein diet – Herbalife, exercise not yet do much to me.i need help coz people are starting to be bad for me. hoodia I like the idea, but I have no idea where to get it as I am not U.S., Malaysia I

If you are not breastfeeding diet as depriving your baby of much needed nutrients. I advise you to keep breastfeeding and pump and discard what your baby does not need. When your body produces milk lost a lot of calories to maintain production. Another thing you can do is exercise. I recommend walking or swimming. Walking is good because you can put your baby in a stroller and carry it with you. Put some milk in a bottle, if you like so you can feed more easily, while out for a walk or feed / her just before leaving for the ride. Do not worry about what the people … frankly I never worry what people say / think of me and usually end in question that I think about them instead. Just be happy ignore the rude people and enjoy your baby! ☺ When you are breastfeeding and do not ask your doctor if he would prescribe for you Ionamin. It is an appetite suppressant but can not take if you have heart problems. In fact it is best just to increase your fiber and water intake and exercise, but if that does not work with every means at your doctor to help your BMI (body mass index is likely that more than 32 or 33 depending on height) Another tip for you is to try to reduce sugar in your diet. Only for they will lose between half to 1 pound per week. It does not seem much but that is 26-52 pounds per year. Remember, you lose weight slowly, it will not, but weight is rapid loss results in rapid weight gain, plus a few extra kilos. Good luck! ♥ ☻ ♠ ☺

Postures to reduce your weight

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