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Real Oolong

Real Oolong
How did oolong tea?

I mean I use a combination of tea leaves or tea is a leaf in particular? I love tea Oolong of China and Chinese tea seems to be his serve in the Chinese restaurant. Tea Is this the real truth? or has been Americanized? Just wondering. What is your favorite tea? I like Red Rose, Lipton and Bigalow.

It is a type of oolong tea and high quality can be prepared several times to the same leaves, and Unlike other teas that improves with reuse. It is common for preparing the same leaves from three to five times, third or fourth soaking is usually the best. leaves Oolong tea is processed in two different ways. Some teas are rolled into long curly leaves, while some are pressed into a ball similar to the powder tea. Oolong has a taste similar to green tea to black tea: it has neither the sweet scent of tea rose black or green vegetables shrill notes that characterize green tea. It is generally prepared to be strong, with the bitterness leaving a sweet aftertaste. But my favorite is the Red Zinger tea!.

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