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How I can find the willpower to lose weight?

I have no support from friends or relatives. My parents always put me down, rather than cheer. I have no friends. I want to lose weight because I want to have a normal childhood. I've been obese since childhood and no matter how many times I try, I can not lose weight. I am 13 years old, 5'4 and 180 pounds.

I know exactly how you feel. About a year ago, when I was about 12 years, I hit 5'4 and about 200 pounds! I hated my appearance and nobody told me not to eat this or that or exercise. I have a thin natural mother and her older sister than luck, matabolisum they have a good high (hehe written entirely wrong.) And a great father, which explains why I am not a size extra small. At that time, I ate large amounts of junk food, and when I was bored, I ate. i not so interested in the exercise, because I loved TV. I did not realize it, but I was gaining so much weight each year. One year after a medical appointment, and some face the facts, I took myself to change. I stopped eating fast food, potatoes chips, ice cream, cookies, and things in general had a lot of calories from fat and bad. I joined a martial arts class, that despite hating at times, I stuck to it. I started reading the Nutrican (misspelled that, sorry ^ _ ^) the facts, and looking more closely at what I ate. It was the thing harder than I did in my life, but I did. I still watch what I eat, and exercise. What I'm trying to say is that nobody knows how to tell you (or I or anyone else above the weight) that are overweight. So it's up to you to understand the facts, and work on it. I propose to find a sport you love as swimming, soccer, football, and many others. For me it was martial arts, and you, might be different. Also, follow the serving size, and skip dessert. Whenever hot cookies in the house stares at the face, feet, and remember you can change, and you will. Trust me, it will not happen overnight. It takes many months but it is well worth it when you see the faces of people surprised to see the new you. I know you can do, and I really hope that this helped him find his inspiration you're looking for. By the way, if your question how far now, so I'll say. For now, I weigh about 148 pounds, and I'm much higher. the current height is 5 feet 7 inches. I know, I know, I admit, I'm still chubby, but I'm okay with that, because I feel better, look better, and simply I'm happy to see how far Ive come. Probably going to work harder to lose weight again before school starts, but I have probably turned to how I'll never be a size 0. XD It did not help how skinny my sister, but I'll admit, she was a kind of inspriration. And I'm happy to say that i fit in some of its clothes; D Sorry I blabber in my life, but I thought you should know that I understand and am here to help. Good luck and bye bye


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