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Points Pedometer
Weightwatchers Pedometer?

Hi all, I've been doing WW for a couple of months and found that I really enjoy walking, so I bought yesterday one of his pedometer to calculate how much they earn extra points while exercising more …. my question is, I struggle to fill my 27 points without having something a little naughty before bed (like a shock of ice or something) but today, just walking home from dropping my daughter off at school, I earned an extra 3.5 points! Can not believe! Should I try to eat them or save the day and have a good weekend? Serious replies only please, thanks. xx

WW does not allow you to eat more 4 points of exercise a day … which unfortunately makes sense because they know this when I started and I ate all my extra points per day that were 10 points four times a week (The gym), so I gained 2 pounds for two weeks before we realize that the NPT should eat all the points made throughout the year …. I personally would save the weekend – bring me a sense of guilt for carrying Anyday free! Good luck with everything! 🙂

ME2 by Irwin Toy, Motion-based point system in Virtual World

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