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Point Bars
The error bars? What is the point of them? What did they say? Say if you had the results of an experiment done?

5 times the range is too small or the lowest value the higher the average value in some cases – is a good bar of error for these cases or not? When analyzing a bar graph error, what kind of things you include? Please help – I will choose a best answer – it would be useful if you added additional information about too =) Thanks!

The error bars are a graphical technique to provide more information. Like any graphic technique, the quality of information "Depends on the problem reveals the results, method, etc. Therefore, if more information is revealed (A range of values) than the alternative" point data and the data is necessary and useful for analysis, use them. Obviously small error bars show that the experiment is consistent with the prediction models but not necessarily why. large error bars show less conformity. A uniform size of the error bars it says the error is constant in a range of data points, when vary widely, then reflect more individual measurement errors. So, if they reveal something interesting to worry about their use, if not, then not using them.

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