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Platform Bathroom

Platform Bathroom
Obama admitted to using drugs. Why Republican candidates and experts always deny it?

Obama admitted using drugs. So did ol Hide cigar. However, the Bush family tried to cover up the coke fed W ragers. And Rush, who spent years ridiculing the drug in country, denied using drugs for years. It seems to be a habit of hypocrisy from Republicans these days. Especially once you add on the topic of newts while going after Clinton, and Haggard gay sex scandal of methamphetamine. Vitter is running on a platform of family values, while screwing prostitutes. Get Larry Craig bathroom sex with men, while attending rallies anti-gay. Falwell and his addiction to incest. I really do not like the Democrats, and would never vote for one. But at least practice what they preach, and it seems to me the Republicans are tying awfuly difficult to throw the election in August with hypocrisy. why can not they be honest and admit their short comings?

Since it does not seem to answer any of its components, I'll give it a try. Conservative Republicans can not come out publicly and ADMITTED to do what the Liberal Democrats, because in that case make them hypocrites. It is better to point the finger at others and maintain attention away from themselves. They know that most Conservative voting are gullible enough to believe in a "holier than thou" shit that Republicans will feed them.

Red platform boots in the bathroom

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