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A Fiction Story


Vikram Karve

The moment they saw us, with tears in his eyes – there's nothing more embarrassing for a young bride to see her husband helplessly drunk, staggering embarrassingly into the arms of another woman.

I felt sorry for her.

It's true – who married a drunk, is the crown of all the misery.

I was on the sofa, took off his shoes, put a pillow under her head – she, his wife, did not move, but remained frozen with a look of anxious concern in the face.

The man who was drunk, Arun, lay in a stupor, oblivious to the world.

Well, until I started to let his wife, Sadhana, rushed into my arms and broke down.

"He'll be OK," I warmly hugged and comforted her.

"I I want to die! I want to die! "She began to scream hysterically," Why is this happening to me? "

I sat with her, gave him a glass of cold water from the fridge and said, "Sadhana, you just go to sleep now. Arun will be absolutely fine in the morning. Do not say anything – just ignore it – Let him go to the office. Then I'll come here and talk. "

"Will you come?" She declared.

"Yes, I will go by tomorrow and everything will be fine, "he reassured.

I came home late at night, I was alone in my lonely bed, of pity, unable to sleep, wondering what to do.

I knew I had to do something, because I loved her dearly Arun.

Hey, do not misunderstand me. Not what you're thinking.

Tell me, how can a woman love a man without having had sex with him? Can a woman love a man without falling in love with him?

Of course you can – Can take my word for it – as I loved Arun.

Maybe it was our mutual chemistry or something, but certainly great vibes shared, and we love each other – platonic, Ethereal, friend, love – you name it.

Arun was my colleague and develop feelings of affection for someone who is in close proximity to more than ten hours at least every day is very natural – but it was much more than my husband "work" – he was my soul mate.

Arun was my classmate from our student days in the U.S. and I not only was his constant companion at work and socially, but also his closest confidant.

In such cases, it is a fine line between friendship and have an adventure, but never crossed that line.

There were no secrets among us, but time suddenly went to his home town in the interior of the mofussil and obediently married the girl that her parents had chosen for him.

Then I phoned the office, told me the news no more, and peremptorily ordered to get your flat list reach the central railway station in Mumbai to receive him and his newlywed wife.

I liked Arun's wife Sadhana also.

She was a fat, funny girl with a very pretty face and a smile sincere friendship that radiated a charming innocence.

She quickly accepted me as a friend with honesty and transparency, and generously understood my relationship with Arun without a trace of suspicion, envy or resentment.

I could not bear to see poor innocent girl suffer like this.

Tomorrow I would like to talk to her, counsel her and talk to Arun, and find solutions that are more compatible, so they could be happy, have a fun marriage.

But first let me tell you how it all began.

Arun loved her baby.

In fact, he loved his drink a little too much.

I think he had an innate propensity to alcohol.

I realized this and told him once or twice then let it go as it was early days and perhaps was just enjoying himself, and I also do not quite mind sharing a little joy in your company affable.

Perhaps her parents knew, his penchant for the bottle, and perhaps thought that marriage was the panacea, and then saw Sadhana, and said to herself: "She's a good girl from a cultured family, excellent education – I'm sure it will improve your love and will correct their behavior after marriage. She'll take care of him. Bring your surroundings. "

True, many people seem to think that marriage is the easiest solution for many ills such as alcoholism, and suddenly everything will be happy forever.

Sadhana marriage was a social triumph of his parents. She was an ordinary looking girl people studying at university and was almost a miracle, a stroke of good fortune, that the elders of the family best known in the village had come all the way from its modest home, the girl's parents to ask for her hand in marriage to his son – an executive of a foreign education became good senior management.

It was a great wedding, but I heard somewhere that sometimes there is a great wedding on a disastrous marriage.

At first, Arun was also very happy in his naive new gained simply "provincial" wife he thought it would be unquestionably obedient and pamper your every whim and fancy.

Sadhana was exactly as expected – a nurturing, caring, love woman who did exactly what he wanted, pampered him to glory, and without question submitted to all their demands, except one – does not allow even a drop of alcohol in your home. In this she did not budge.

On her first day she cleaned out his well-stocked bar, just throw all expensive liquor bottles into the air away.

Arun tried to reason with her, explained the ways of the cosmopolitan culture, but stuck to their guns Sadhana, challenging.

And when all of us at the office suddenly landed for impromptu dinner with the big boss Arun presenting a bottle of your favorite Single Malt, quickly Sadhana drained precious whiskey in the sink saying, "This is a bad thing daru", and then served us a delicious meal-of-the stimulus moment.

This was the last straw!

I realized boil Arun feeling totally humiliated in silence in front of colleagues, subordinates, friends, and I, but he said nothing.

Responded the next day – from that day onwards he started drinking with a vengeance.

Arun began to drink in the bar club home from work every night.

At first I would give the company, but soon I stopped with him, as their consumption increased bad to worse and his behavior often become unpleasant after a few drinks.

And now this – a call at midnight from the club secretary that my Arun colleague and friend had passed out drunk in the bar of stone and I feel like it was as they had to close.

The next morning, I left the office around 1030, telling Arun that he was feeling unwell and went straight home.

Sadhana was waiting for me.

"We're going to have tea?" He asked.

"No. Let's go to the club", pushed him out of the house and my car package to ignore their protests, "We can be more discreet, "he said hinting that the servants, but I had other plans.

It was early, the club was empty.

Choose one discrete single table and ordered a Pina Colada Cocktail to me and a soda from Sadhana.

"You have to help, I told Sadhana, comes immediately to point, not giving it the opportunity to start their sad story.

"I help? Of course I want to help him. But how?"

"You adapt a little, and he also change and improve."

"Fit? What do I do?"

"Dale company."


"Be his friend. Spend your evenings with him."

"But going to the club every night."

"Going to the club with him, sit with him, meet friends, chat, talk to him, and make friends with him. He will feel good. In fact, I suggest you join him in a drink once in a while and have some fun. "

"What?" Sadhana said stunned "Want drinking liquor? In my house I have not even seen a drop of alcohol … "

"Relax, Sadhana, do not be so dogmatic," I took your hands in mine, and calmed her down, "You are in a different society. There is nothing wrong with having a small cocktail or a glass of wine – now, everyone has – Even me. "

"No. No …"

"Here, take this cup," I said giving my cup of lip-smacking creamy sweet Piña Colada.

"No. No, these things can not have strong bitter," he protested.

"Try, just once," I insisted, almost forced, and that a small sip.

"It is sweet and delicious no? Now if you have a little love Arun, start enjoy their company. Arun needs companionship. Sadhana Tell me, is not it better that you have a drink with his friends drinking hard – not spend your time in your company with its good for nothing friends who are out to ruin? "

Sadhana looked at me hesitantly, but said nothing.

But I could deep feeling of desperation that would make try anything, any remedy, no cure.

He looked into my eyes and said: "The trick is in wean avoid eating hard social drinking. That is what will happen once you start to enjoy their company. I'm telling you again. Be his friend. Pass their evenings with him. Clubbing, sit with him for a drink. Arun will feel good. He will start to like it. Now his priority is drinking – will soon be their priority. "

"I do not know …" Sadhana staggered.

"Trust me. Try it. It will make life easier for both. Stop trying to control it. Never going to work. Arun Be well. If he can give you the push you away from you. The clashes, threats, arguments – with these will only get worse. Come on, Sadhana, for the love of Arun, for your sake, give it a try, I'm sure they will respond positively. "

Sadhana looked anxiously at me, nervous, unsure, however, desperate.

I stood up, approached her and gave her a loving hug, "You two are just married. I want you to be able to laugh, relax, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest! "

He hugged me back.

"Promise me Give him a chance, "she said.

"I'll try my best," he promised.

It worked.

Arun sober down.

And although he did enjoy their drinks – I never saw him drunk again.

The metamorphosis in Sadhana was truly fascinating.

The way in which had become a Conservative Small Town Girl from the heart of chic in a cream mofussil-de-la-crème socialite was remarkable, almost unbelievable. I would often go to see her drinking exotic cocktails colors mingle with the cream of society.

There was a time when Arun was ashamed of showing his wife, and now his heart was filled with pride and admiration as everyone noticed and praised. They were the toast of society, and the crowning glory was when they were crowned by the "Made for Each other partner" in the New Year Ball at the club.

Their marriage began to rock.

In fact, their marriage shook as soon I realized understanding that there can be three people in a marriage and I gracefully retired from his life, changed my job, moved and yes, believe it or not, I married a nice young man and began a happy married life of mine.

Of course, Arun and Sadhana attended my marriage, and at my wedding reception Sadhana seemed in a lively mood of celebration, dancing and swinging wildly bright, downing glass after glass of champagne.

My husband and I honeymooned in a luxury cruise, sailing to exotic places – a wedding gift from Arun and Sadhana.

At first we stayed in touch, but over time, as I settled comfortably in the cocoon of marital happiness, communication became less and less, and when she went abroad for States completely lost touch.

Three years passed before I visited Mumbai again, and the first thing I did after my luggage deposit the hotel, heading for the floor of Arun at Marine Drive.

It was early and I wanted to take it home before leaving for work.

Arun Sadhana and were not house. "Saheb Memsaheb and have gone to the Ashram," said the servants.

Ashram? "I said surprised, and asked if they could give me his mobile number.

They did, and I phoned Arun on your cell phone, "Hey, Arun, what are you doing in a two Ashram – renounced the material world and taken the spiritual path? "

"No. No. Not that. This is not really the kind of Ashram you're thinking, is a natural healing clinic, "said Arun.

"Nature Clinical cure?"

"Not exactly, you can say it is a detoxification center, a sort of rehabilitation."

"Rehab?" You promised me Arun, you promised me you'd cut your drinking … for her … poor thing … Arun hate you … "

"Stop Comment" Arun interrupted angrily: "I am not. I have stopped drinking.'s Sadhana – has become an alcoholic."

"What?" I said, stunned.

"Yes. My wife has become an alcoholic. Thanks to you and your stupid advice. And now you please leave us alone? "Said Arun angry and disconnected.

I can not begin to describe the emotion I felt at that moment, but one thing is certain: I have never ever felt so terribly guilty in my life, neither before nor after until today.

Vikram Karve

Copyright © 2009 Vikram Karve

Vikram Karve has asserted his right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work.


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About the Author

VIKRAM KARVE educated at IIT Delhi, ITBHU and The Lawrence School Lovedale, is an Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession, a Human Resource and Training Manager by occupation, a Teacher by vocation, a Creative Writer by inclination and a Foodie by passion. An avid blogger, he has written a number of fiction short stories and creative non-fiction articles in magazines and journals for many years before the advent of blogging. His delicious foodie blogs have been compiled in a book “Appetite for a Stroll”. Vikram lives in Pune with his family and pet Doberman girl Sherry, with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts.

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