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Pills Tablets
How are tablets (tablets) digested?

How does a tablet, if you take two aspirin for a headache with the water, that happens in your body before it is distributed to the problem, and if you take antidepressants how to solve a problem, I understand what support would be on the tablet but the question is: what is the procedure of the tablet by mouth is headache relief in 15 minutes, how it enters the bloodstream, and most off all how do you know if your course in the body, I thought it would be a tablet in the stomach and pass through food, is the acid burns the pill in the bloodstream. Very interesting

to the brain. Tablets work in a fun way. if your pain does not matter where the brain emits signals that is felt as pain in the foot of his words, the arm or back, depends where the pain is. So the murderer of pain goes to the brain in the blood stream after to swallow and digest it and then null the pain receptors which of course we feel pain. same again antidepressant pill stimulates parts of the brain that force him to drop more of something or less of something to give the effect to be happier, after a period of time the brain is used for the release of additional quantities and can then stop taking the pill, or so the doctors say Kitti regards xx

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