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Pill Day
I stopped the pill the day we broke up, could I be pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend had sex, then finished the same Nite, a day after I stopped taking my pill. Now two weeks later I feel weird, chest pain, brown spotting? Would not take the pill the day after sex or at risk to be pregnant, I thought it has not matter now I'm worried?

Yes, you could be. Conception Internal usually takes 1-3 days and sperm can live up to five days. You should always take the pill until the end of the package if someone just broken (and had sex with them just before the break in particular) to minimize any chance of getting pregnant when they do not want to be! Hopefully you're just having mismanagement of prices associated with stress … but once your period is late, if that happens, you start to take pregnancy tests at home. In addition, for those who said the pill has "a long time out of your system" and that is why we must not be pregnant, which is not exactly true. * The effects of the pill as to the regularity of time and all you can take a while to disappear, but the pill * yes * is out of your system fairly quickly. From both my own experience and the experiences of my friends, I can tell you that you may ovulate only missing a couple of mid-cycle pills, or you may ovulate within a week or more after to end abruptly on the pill, or it may take months to ovulate again. In fact I have a medical condition that makes it more likely, not less, than before after ovulating stopping the pill (if I've been at it a while and I am not under unusual stress). Therefore, it is just a false assumption that is not necessarily going to ovulate for weeks or months (!) After going off the pill. You can not fully take the pill somehow magically protect you against pregnancy for months get out of it – is not the Depo injection, it works completely different! Be safe, should NOT be this course! I hope that is not PG. If your period is late, will some tests until you go to a doctor or take a full term.

Daniel Powter – Ya had a Bad Day [HQ]

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