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Perfect Acai
You think I'm over weight?

I have 14 years of age, a girl (obviously), 5 foot 8 and I weigh 170 pounds. Am I over weight Most people say I look perfect for my height, but do not know that my weight is a lot !!!!!! How should I if I reduce my weight? I no, do not want to try something supplementslike Acai Berry orany other !!!!!!!! !

I think you're a little overweight, yes, and would benefit from a bit to lose 10 lbs. Since they are 14, I guess you go to school, either eighth or ninth grade, I suggest that a sport at school, if not much competition, you can join intramural if your school has them. If not, you should try to run around the park about 3-4 times a week. Take a friend so do not get bored! I hope I helped!

Perfect Acai

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