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Caring for Bubble Coral in an aquarium

As more and more established saltwater aquariums, more are also adding coral to the d├ęcor. As with any living being, it is better to understand the creature and how to give proper care before bringing home. Coral is no different as it is a live animal that will add to your tank. The care and maintenance of coral should be well understood before making a final decision to add this beautiful animal to your aquarium.

The most common species coral that are used in aquariums are called bubble coral. Due to the fact that they are so common, we will use this species as a guide. Within the family of the bubble coral There are three subspecies. They are simple bubble bubble coral, pearl bubble coral and coral grape. All of them are treated in the same way, so-called bubble coral the rest of the article.

One of the most important things to know about your coral is a space when added to the tank. Bubble coral have long tentacles are armed with stinging cells. For the most part, remain retracted until nightfall, when they extend to support for feeding habits. These neighboring coral tentacles will sting if they are close enough. Be aware of this as you position the coral in your tank and try to avoid the pieces of coral at least 6 inches away from the others.

As your consider the placement. Also take into consideration the available lighting where they are placed. If you have more sources of light to one side of the tube in the hood, bubble coral should do well in any part of the tank. If you are using fluorescent tubes including lighting, may be best to place the coral near the surface. This species prefers coral underwater movement. Be sure not to place it on any current continuous. Otherwise, the coral vesicles remain closed. This eventually can cause death.

When you have the coral situated in the aquarium, there remember that it is a live animal and eat like fish do. To feed bubble coral, clams, shrimp or small pieces of once or twice a week. Place pieces of food in the coral polyp. Any food that is trapped by the tentacles or among the vesicles, are eaten almost immediately. It is important not supercharge coral or fish. Algae are a pest that causes damage or even death of the coral. Maintain control of algae as possible to schedule and routine cleaning of your aquarium. Bubble coral can also get tapeworms. These worms are easily seen and usually appear as circular spots in the vesicles of the corals. They are not a cause for alarm and usually do little damage to you. However, if you notice a significant amount or a large population of these worms, you should take measures that could cause death.

Coral is a wonderful addition to any aquarium. Many people do not have information on how to care for this animal. It is recommended that learn everything you can about the animal, how it works and life before adding to the aquarium. Once you have the proper knowledge and can take care of that coral will help create framing an underwater paradise.

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