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More retail jungle fever (part 4)

Where Real vision

(Part 4)

Retail fever … Jungle retail vision More …

Here is some information we need know about retailers. Be prepared to have everything covered, prior to its launch …

Retail Markup

Many Retailers want a 50% margin. Some charge their products in any form 30% to 50%, which is based on the quantities, the suggested retail price and cost, value risk + Companies. Electronics are lower. You need to take this factor into your costs and you end wholesale price to their sellers.


Retailers do not want to see work in progress / concepts or drawings with detailed explanations broad participation imagination applied concepts. They want to see products working with containers that clearly defined for the final size. This will enable them to determine the placement of product in its plan or – g. They also want know how fast you can deliver the product. You need to be ready for production or already produced.

Trademarks and rights copyright

Retailers prefer to deal with products that are trademarked, copyrighted or patented. This demonstrates a real commitment and belief in the product by the supplier, thus eliminating the problems they bring a product that can take some responsibility attached to it. Retailers do not want someone walking into the store and claim that this was his idea six months ago!


Retailers review portions of their activities to predetermined times. Them starting mid-summer with its suppliers, in August and September and then cut a PO with stock in stores in February. Retailers use the Plan-o-grams to determine placement products, racks or parity area. These Plan-o-grams are extensive and involve their suppliers for each product in particular that the Plan-o-Gram, and are provided for six months advance.

Many details about how each spike or a shelf, and what is the useful product. detailed drawings are produced to effect greater part of the area used. The key here is to be ready six months in advance, we must take account of their buying cycle. Always consult your dealer expected.


The amounts will be determined once a dealer is your New timing. The estimate of the quantities potential could be, you need to explore how large the potential market. Potential market will reflect those in the X market purchasers of the product. It These research data that need to be prepared.

Questions will be asked about the potential market.

Expect to have short answers. If you feel that you do not know your market, so it will not be satisfied with the performance of the product. The better you know your market more confidence inspiring to retailers. You need to have the market knowledge and hold that the knowledge about the destination store.

… Be prepared to answer the following questions

  • Retail and other competitors: U.S. or Canada; own this product already on the market? What has done so well?
  • Market Knowledge: units per year sales. What are your estimates of numbers? Who is your market? How big is your market? This is a mass market appeal or topic is a niche market item? Market size affect wholesale cost. (What they are willing to pay for it)
  • Risk + value for business: What the risk and value to your business? Here we are looking at a cost compared to the benefits. Is the market large enough to keep your product?
  • Features and benefits: What are your products features and benefits? This must be presented to them clear and focused. What makes your product is that competitors do not? cost function, packaging, advertising, unique, what is product differentiation.
  • Price point: Cost and price suggested retail. You need to have established their manufacturing price.
  • Manufacturing: Time lines 8 to 16 weeks for production. Have you seen their product to market in very small quantities? What was response, are you ready for a larger distribution network.
  • Pack Master / pad interior: what are the packages and packages inner teacher?

When retailers buy goods providers who come to the main store in containers on roller skates. With inner packages that contain the actual product. This facilitates the sale and the inventory makes it easy to handle.

Example, you are selling your product in inner packages 10 (which means that there are 10 real products within a box) After these five cases are packaged inside of a larger box that now his main case. So your teacher containing 5 x 10 or 50 pieces.

So you've set up your parameters sale to sell at least a minimum of five parts with each order. (A case interior)

You need to contact your retailer for teacher packets will be determined by retailers to talk. Many have restrictions on the size and weight. Another important factor is the cost of the units in the main package for the retailer. You may have to develop an average size of the output of large and another for children. Again, this depends on which markets we want to attack.

Some additional things to consider

As a provider of how to support your product?

  • Fairs: What shows have attended or plan to attend. These may be given to retailers as part of the marketing presentation.
  • How will educate consumers on the product and where to find
  • Marketing Plan: What is your marketing strategy?
  • Provide as much information about the target market as possible

Competitor information you need to know … ..

Competitor Corp: the product X (example)

local company called competitor X corp., produce similar products is a product worth $ 9.99 located in the camping industry with a simple packaging sleeve, sits on a lower shelf and moves very well.

A plastic injection issue this topic was presented at the past through local stores as an element of the issue and has become in a regular store item. Product has been in the store for 19 years.

Quantity: Retail, in the past sold 50 000 units to $ 9.99 as a starting point to the amount that's over $ 499,000 gross profits.

X product is advertised on the Weather Channel.

More vision to be real!

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